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You were now running through the streets of (C/n), you were getting late for your first day of work.
Your name was (Y/n) (L/n), you were hired to be someone’s assistant.
But you didn’t know who was that ‘someone’.

Everything human resources had told you was that you were, now, an important person. The job you got is the job everyone wants, apparently.

Why? You didn’t know but you were happy to say the least.

When you get to the address they give you, you were shocked.

It was a big building, people going in and out like crazy.

You gulped so loud you thought everyone heard you, of course they didn’t.

When you entered the building you could see it was a majestic edifice.
It was big and clean. They sure had a lot of staff if they are this arranged.

“Ahh! (Y/n)! Over here!” You heard a voice calling behind you.
You turned around and saw a lady with blonde hair and brown eyes.
“Hello, my name is Edna, I’m the head of the staff in the building, I’m here to introduce you to your new boss.” Said Edna as she started to walk to the elevator. “Third floor, please.”

When the elevator stopped, indicating our arrival to the third floor, you were so nervous you thought even Edna could hear your heartbeat.

“We’re almost there, please, follow me.” Edna said exiting the elevator.

You both keep walking until you reached a big door.

Behind this door was a whole room of chaos!

You could hear a lot of screams and footsteps. It made you even more nervous, if possible.

“When you meet your boss you must be really well-mannered, boy. I don’t want to put too much pressure on you but this lady in question is a respectable being. More important than any other person in this world. Did you hear me?” Wow, is this girl serious?

“Uhh… Roger that.” I answered. ‘Am I working for Madonna, or what?’

When she opened the door it just reveal what I already knew.

So. Much. CHAOS!

Like, a thousand of people were literally fighting in here!

A blonde man was strangling another blonde, like Homer and Bart Simpson!
Another blonde was talking - yelling - about McDonalds and heroes.
A big white-haired guy was creeping the shit out of a dude with a ponytail while this one had a panda on his lap.
A brown-haired guy was pinching another auburn-haired dude’s cheek, who was calling him ‘tomato bastard,’ which is funny if you ask me.

In resume; this room was Pandora’s Box.

“Rule Nº 1, boy; don’t let the countries distracts you.” Said Edna, what does she mean with ‘countries’?

We surround the big table to go to the next ending.

Where a big blonde guy was face-palming while hearing another dude talking about pasta.

‘What’s wrong with this people?’ I mentally asked myself.

I was in my own thoughts when Edna asked that big guy something I didn’t hear.

One second I stand properly good…

The next I’m knocked down…

By a cat…

“I’m sorry, it wasn’t his intention to hurt you.” Said someone as he takes the cat.
“Greece-san, you shourd aporogize propery!” Said someone in a funny Japanese accent.

When I stand up I could see them properly.
One had that flying cat and the other one… Was Japanese.

“Gomen'nasai.” Bowed the Japanese dude.

“(Y/n), your boss is waiting.” Said Edna pulling me out of there, to another room.

“Rule Nº 2; don’t make your boss wait. Ever.” Edna exclaimed, slightly angry.

We came to another door, more little.
There was a golden sign on the door.


‘What the hell is that?’

“Ok, (Y/n), are you ready?” Edna asked me.

When I nodded she knocked the door three times.

No answer came.

Edna was going to knock again until the door opened.

There she was…

“Oh, good evening, Edna. Did you need anything?” Asked the lady, with a rare and unique Indian accent.

“Oh! M-Miss World, he is (Y/n). He will be your new assistant.” Edna said sounding nervous.

“Assistant? Edna, I don’t need that. Why wasn’t I aware of this?” The woman asked, she wasn’t trying to be scary but for some reason Edna was acting like she made the worst mistake someone could ever commit.

“W-Well, Miss, you’ll see… T-The countries and the staff thought you were getting too exhausted. You may need another hand to help you from now on.” Said Edna looking embarrassed.

“I see.” The woman sighed. “Well, you may come in now, (Y/n).” She said to me as she signaled for me to enter the room.

“If you need anything to talk about this you can count on me, miss.” Said Edna as she bowed and started to leave.

“Thanks, Edna!” She literally yelled at Edna which cause me to giggle a little. “So, (Y/n)… You don’t look like you know what is happening here.” She told me, I was aware that she didn’t wanted to offend me.

“What do you mean?” I respectfully asked her.

“My name is Human Civilization, or World, for short. I’m the human representation of the planet Earth.” She told me… What?

“W-What?” I asked, confused and shocked.

“Yes, what you saw in the other room were also other countries representations.” She continued.

“So… The guy with the cats…?” I asked.

“His name is Greece.” She corrected me.

“The Japanese guy?”


“The ‘McDonalds’ dude?”


“The blondes fighting?”

“France and England.”

“Wow… This is a little too much to process.” I said as I sit down in one of the couches.

“Oh! Do you need water or something?” She asked me as she got closer.

“N-No, I’m fine.” I answer. “So… I’m working for you… I’m working for the World.”

“Hahahah, yes. Your help will be very appreciated, (Y/n).” She told me extending her hand for me.

I grabbed her hand but not for her to help me stand up, “I would help with everything you need, Miss World.” I said looking straight into her warm green eyes.

She smiled a true smile, “I know you will.”

-Timeskip brought to you by PewDiePie- BOB!

I have been helping Maria since 8 months now.
She even lets me calls her by her human name, which is an honor.

I must admit, I developed some feeling towards her.

Who am I kidding?
Real and strong feelings.
I’m totally, madly in love with her.

The only problem is that I could never tell her that.

Part of being one of World’s friends is being friend with some of the countries.
And some of them, like, Hungary or France, knows about my feeling towards her so-called ‘mother.’

They told me the countries are allowed to date or marry a human…

But not the Earth.

Nope. World has never been married, had a couple or even share her first kiss.

But not because she doesn’t wants.

It’ because she isn’t allowed to.

I guess, it’s okay…

I’ll just die alone.

“(Y/N)!!” Someone screamed in my ear waking me up from my daily daydreaming about my precious World.

“Goddammit, America! What do you want?” I asked rubbing my ear.

“Sorry, dude, but you weren’t listening to me. Anyway, where’s mom?” America asked, I always wondered why do they call her mom. Meh… I won’t complain.

“Uhh… She’s doing some paperwork in her office. But she told me that…” I made a dramatic pause.

“Yes?” Asked an anxious America.



“Can’t have her place in the meeting.” I finished, hoping to break his heart.

“Aww, man!! Not cool dude!” He said… With a brooked heart.

While I was laughing my ass off, World came out of her office.

“Oh. I’m sorry, America, did you need anything?” Maria asked, noticing the American presence.

“Yes, I wanted to talk to you… Damn, you look horrible.” Said America, referring to the new dark circle under World’s majestic green eyes.

“Yes, I’m really exhausted. If this is about taking my place at the meeting…” She said.

“Yes?” He said, half hoping and half knowing what was going to come.

“You can have it.” She said… WHAT?!

“REALLY?” We both asked non-believing, what was happening? Did World seriously granted her place to America?!

“I’m way too busy and exhausted to take care of the meeting. As much as I don’t want this, is what the countries needs.” Said Maria as she returned to her office.

“YES! WAIT FOR EVERYONE TO KNOW!!” America yelled as he got away.

I ran towards her office, and enter without knocking.

“ARE YOU CRAZY, WOMAN?!” Ok, that may have sounded disrespectful.

“What do you mean?” She asked turning her head to the other side a little.

“Granting your place to America?” I asked again.

“I know what you’re thinking.” She sighed. “But I need you to understand, when countries are in problems I need to work twice faster than before. They need me!”

“I-I know… But…” I stopped, got closer to her and cupped her face on my hands. “Let me help you, please.”

“You can’t help me with this, and you know it.” She said.

“No. Helping you with whatever you need! World… I could do anything for you, jumping a cliff, swimming with sharks, EVERYTHING FOR YOU!!” I told her. “I love you, Maria. You are my World.”

And that was how she got her first kiss…

And my last one.

It was sweet and gentle, eventually she kissed back.

Wrapping her arms around my neck and in return I wrapped mines around her waist.

This was what I was waiting for… She’s the only woman I want to be with.

When she broke the kiss I couldn’t feel any better.

“Why would you do that?” She asked smiling, I knew she wasn’t mad at me.

“Because I love you, okay? I don’t care if we can’t be together, I love you!” I told her hugging her.

“But, (Y/n)… It’s not my decision, and I can’t… We can’t right now, the countries needs me.” She said to me trying to break free of my hug.

“I know.” I sighed.

“Za’ iz so cute!”

“Shut up, you bloody frog. They might hear us!”

“I think you just ruined everything, aru.”

“W-What-? What are you doing here?” Maria yelled at the door.

And then Allies, literally, fell down the floor when she opened the door.

“Ouch!” Complained America. “Well, you’ll see-…”

“We didn’t believe the bloody git when he said you allowed him to take care of your place in the meeting, mom.” England said getting up.

“So we came to see if he wasn’t lying, aru.” China said.

“And we came here and we - I mean, they – found out about this little secret, maman.” France finished.

“Oh.” World said blushing madly like one of Spain’s tomatoes.

“We’re sorry if we interrupted something personal, Mary.” Said England trying to stop the blush from her face.

“N-No, it’s okay. There’s nothing going on here.” Maria said, okay that hurt a little.

“But, Monde, maman. You can’t say zat! You and mon ami (Y/n) sont dans l'amour.” France said.

“B-But… I admit, Allies, I may have feelings towards (Y/n), but we can’t be together. I’m not allowed to.” She confessed.

“Well, maybe we can do something about it!” America exclaimed.

“What do you mean?” Literally everyone in the room asked.

“I mean, what’s the worst that can happen if you date (Y/n)?” America asked.

“That’s the stupidest question ever!” England reproached.

“Why? She can’t be fired! She has been here longer than everyone!” America countered.

“That’s right, aru. She raised me!” Said China hugging her.

“See? And if someone says they are going to get her fired, we get THEM fired.” America finished.

“Zat is really good of you, Amérique.” France said.

“Yes, America is really noble coming of you.” England said.

“Well?” America asked looking to me and World.

“What?” We both asked.

“Hey! I made a plan, aren’t you going to kiss your new chick?” He said signaling to World.

“A-Ah!” I squealed, I didn’t expected that..

“America!” England exclaimed.

The next thing I knew was that World grabbed my collar and smashed her lips in mines.

“AWWW!” We all heard coming from the door, where a lot of countries were reunited watching us both.

“Smire!” Japan said as he took a picture of the moment.

And now…

When I look at that picture…

I’m glad to say that my world is now complete.


AHHHH!! Oh god!

Yesterday, like, 6:30 a.m. I got this idea for a WorldxReader oneshot!
I'm so cursed!

So, yeah, everyone; My OC World!

IDK, I don't think is good... Whada'ya think?

Anyway, hope you enjoy!


AHHHH!! Oh Dios!

Ayer como a las 6:30 a.m. tuve esta idea para un WorldxReader oneshot!
Estoy maldecida!

Sip, todo el mundo; Mi OC World!

No se, no creo quesea bueno... ¿Qué piensas?

De todas formas, espero que disfruten!

Hetalia © :iconhimaruyaplz:

World © :iconmasita84:

You © You belong to Human Civilization now, which means; YOU'RE IN MY DOMAIN NOW, BIATCH!!
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